Linguamonium is a blog about linguistics and other language-related adventures. It is an attempt at dispelling language myths, gathering choice web resources, and hopefully getting readers more excited about this complex and uniquely human trait.


profilepic2_cropped    About me 

My name is Hannah Van Brunt. I am a linguist working on modeling meaning for Google Assistant. Past experience includes: Linguist on the Bixby Voice team at Samsung; Research Assistant on the FrameNet project; English Instructor at San Quentin; Localization Project Manager; bartender; fiction writer. I have a master’s in linguistics and a bachelor’s in French. My main specializations are semantics, syntax, lexicography, and NLU.

Contact: linguamonium@gmail.com
Find me on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/hannah-vanbrunt
Visit my fiction writing blog: Zokomonium.

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