Linguamonium is a blog about linguistics and other language-related adventures. It is an attempt at dispelling language myths, gathering choice web resources, and hopefully getting readers more excited about this complex and uniquely human trait.


About me 

My name is Hannah Van Brunt and I’m a linguist. I’ve worked as an Analytical Linguist on Google Assistant at Google, as a Linguist on the Bixby Voice team at Samsung, as a Research Assistant on the FrameNet project, as an English Instructor at San Quentin, as a Localization Project Manager, as a bartender, and as a fiction writer. I have a master’s in linguistics and a bachelor’s in French. My main specializations are semantics, syntax, lexicography, and Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

Contact: h.vanbrunt@proton.me
Find me on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/hannah-vanbrunt

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