Linglinkapalooza: Articles from language app blogs


In my quest for employment, I’ve started looking into companies that develop language learning software. Most people have heard of Duolingo and Rosetta Stone, but a slew of other apps exist. Listicles of “best language apps” commonly recommend about 8-15 of them, but this list on Langoly contains 51!

Many of these companies have their own blogs, with articles about…what else? Language stuff.

So I’d like to share some of the more interesting posts that I found. These articles are on the simplistic side – the authors are probably writing for broad audiences (including non-native English speakers) – but they contain some engaging pearls nonetheless. (Warning: Each blog unsurprisingly plugs its own company’s product.)


  • Minionese!!

    • A whole Wiki page on the constructed “language” used by the Minions in the Despicable Me animated movies.
    • (I forgot which language app blog I found it through, but I LOVE that this exists.)


To end on a meta note, here are a couple of non-app-blog articles that evaluate the effectiveness of learning another language via software:


*Photo attribution: “Le Hero ou le Héraut (1939) – Vieira da Silva”

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