It’s 2024 and short is the new black


No, I don’t mean short in stature (although all 5’3” of me would support that).

In an effort to:

  1. share more interesting language-related material from around the web (especially articles/videos/etc. from deserving folks I know);
  2. accommodate readers’ lack of free time (and let’s be honest, shorter attention spans in general); and
  3. facilitate my ability to write more than once per month,

I plan to start posting much shorter content on the blog, a bit more frequently. My new goal is to post 1-3 brief segments and 1 longer piece per month.

That’s it. Happy New Year!


P.S. If you’d like to read a historical/linguistic account of the idiom (more specifically, snowclone) “<X> is the new black” – or more broadly, “<X> is the new <Y>” – check out this Language Log entry.



Photo attribution: Florian Klauer

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