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A short post on the longest words

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I’ve been working on some lengthier articles, but meanwhile, here’s an entertaining read (particularly for word nerds): The Longest Word in the World. In it, you’ll find the longest words in multiple languages (Dutch, German, English, Icelandic, Tagalog, and more), replete with audio pronunciations of many of them. This piece explains the rules of how…

Cup, book, dada

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Perusal through the material on this blog will quickly show that my interests trend towards words and language acquisition. This post combines the two topics: the first section has some interesting morsels on word learning from a book (that I’m reading) by Yale psychologist Paul Bloom, called How children learn the meanings of words; the…

Career interviews: Linguistics Project Manager at a branding firm

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Something I’ve been planning to post occasionally are interviews with career linguists and related language folk – especially those working outside of academia. Yes, they (we) exist! Until recently these were rare birds, but lately the numbers are growing. I credit several factors: the growth of the discipline generally; the growth of technology industries trying…

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